New York City 101

When I moved to New York I had to re-learn walking. In Los Angeles I went swimming and all I had to watch out for were sharks and rip-tides. Walking in New York it’s not the sharks or cars you have to watch, but the stream of pedestrians. I learned quickly that — much like with rip tides— you have to go with the flow. Do not resist the direction it takes you and the openings it offers, in other words don’t bring your ego. Best to get into a meditative state and let the circumstances guide you. Ever observed children in a play yard? The near misses could drive you nuts but you have to admire their dance choreographed by their instincts. Everything works out for the best of everyone.

Do not think— that someone should see you coming from afar and make room. Do not think that they stay on collision course on purpose. Don’t — like the Dalai Lama said to us back in Santa Barbara— don’t be easily offended. Don’t insist on the right of way, don’t believe for one moment that it is justified to stay your course because you set out to keep it. Why not, you ask? Because it will turn this walk into a walk of shame and blame and your mood goes down from there. Who wants that? Not me. 

I learned to walk the streets of New York City, one step at a time. It’s that easy. Never get ahead of yourself. Just keep walking, steady so others know how to navigate around you. A turn of your sholders to the side or a slow down in your step, when it gets crowded. I discovered there is nothing as invigorating as a bath in the crowd. And always, always there is someone who turns their head, who sees you and says something to you that makes you smile.

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