Michaela von Schweinitz is an award winning filmmaker and an author who has written and published short stories, feature screenplays and two short films which she also directed and produced.  

Reading Calling Home
Click image to listen to the reading from Calling Home starting at minute 23:30, ending at 26:39.

Calling Home by Michaela von Schweinitz is one of thirty-nine essays in True Stories Volume VI curated by Cami Ostman and Dana Tye Rally. Listen to the nineteen authors reading excerpts from their essays at the virtual book launch of True Stories. Curious to hear their entire stories? Order the book now through IngramSpark

Published December 5, 2023 True Stories are also available at Village Books, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Goodreads or at your favorite local book store. ISBN 978-1958808214

Me Gusta, Oaxaca: A Love Letter by Michaela von Schweinitz is one of fifteen essays witten by writers who travelled to Oaxaca, Mexico in 2022.

The collection Oaxaca was published on October 3, 2023 by Sidekick Press.

Available at Village Books, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Goodreads or at your local book store.
ISBN 978-1-958808-20-7 

Spanish Beach Vacation by Michaela von Schweinitz was selected by the Red Wheelbarrow Writers for their anthology Spring and All, a collection of uplifting stories.

Place your order at Village Books, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Goodreads or at your local bookstore. ISBN: 978-1-958808-12-2

Spring And All Anthology

Laura Rink from Red Wheelbarrow Writers introduces the authors of the anthology Spring and All, published by Sidekick Press. Laura was the editor for Spanish Beach Vacation. Enjoy Michaela’s reading of a three minute excerpt starting around minute 26:26.

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Red Wheelbarrow Writer Linda Lambert interviews Michaela von Schweinitz as one of the authors published in the anthology Spring and All.

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Over Easy – a diner mystery

Every November is National Novel Writing Month and Red Wheelbarrow Writers host a collective novel. Every day another writer adds one chapter to the story.

2023 it was Over Easy.

Red Wheelbarrow Writers
Chapter 29 by Michaela von Schweinitz for NaNoWriMo 2023. 

Nicole Rosengurt reads from the upcoming novel Driving Lessons at Tuesdays@9 — two months before The Kraine Theater closed its doors forever.

Naked Angels NYC Tuesdays@9
NYC Midnight Microfiction

First-Round Finalists

3rd place in Group 29 in the 1st Round of 100-word Microfiction Challenge 2023. Advancing to create a story no longer than 100 words in just 24 hours based on a genre, action, and word assignment.

Every November is National Novel Writing Month and Red Wheelbarrow Writers host a collective novel. Each participant writes one chapter of approximately 1667 words on their day for a total of 50,000 words by the end of the month.In 2022 they wrote Crime Doesn’t Spay.

Red Wheelbarrow Writers
Chapter 7 by Michaela von Schweinitz for NaNoWriMo 2022.

Michaela’s short play Birthday Cake was read by the wonderful actors of Naked Angels NYC – Tuesdays@9 on Zoom September 22, 2020.

Pat Russell – mom
Ron Palais – dad
Emily Hupp – daughter
Marcia Aufrecht – grandmother

While it was Tuesday night in New York City, it was Wednesday morning in Central Europe where Michaela von Schweinitz had been at the time of the reading. Below a screen shot of her in her mom’s kitchen at 4 AM.

Michaela’s feature screenplay Alice is Gone was a quarter finalist of the 2018 CineStory Feature Retreat and Fellowship.

Alice is Gone is about a pregnant crime novel writer who struggles to prove the innocence of her boyfriend when he is arrested for the murder of his former girlfriend

Alice Is Gone by Michaela von Schweinitz

Alice is Gone had three life readings by Naked Angels NYC on Tuesdays@9 at the legendary Theater 80 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. First on October 8 then on December 3, 2019 and for the last time on March 10, 2020. After that day New York City, the US and the entire world shut down.

Michaela von Schweinitz is the writer, director and editor of award winning short films. Seen across Europe and the US you can now watch her short films Kiss Me and The Meeting on Vimeo and YouTube.