Michaela von Schweinitz <Mee-cha-ay-la fon Shwy-nits> is a German-American writer. Living as an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter in Los Angeles for fifteen years Michaela moved to New York City where a vibrant writing community welcomed her.

As a filmmaker and screenwriter, Michaela has refined her story telling skills for over twenty years. She learned writing for the big screen in workshops with Krzysztof Kieslowski, Robert McKee, and at the UCLA Extension Screenwriting Program in Los Angeles.

Working with Ann Randolph and The Narrative Project led to her writing her first novel. Along the way she joined Jennie Nash’s book coaching program at Author Accelerator.

Michaela von Schweinitz by David Pexton

Red Wheelbarow Writers published Spanish Beach Vacation, an excerpt from Michaela’s novel Driving Lessons, in the anthology Spring and All.

Michaela’s screenplay Alice is Gone, a quarter finalist of the 2018 CineStory Feature Retreat and Fellowship, and her short play Birthday Cake have been read on stage by Naked Angels NYC who also presented excerpts of her upcoming novel Driving Lessons

Von Schweinitz is the writer, director and editor of the short films Kiss Me and The Meeting seen across Europe and the US. To see what she was up to in Hollywood, California head over to her production site at -> Kiss Productions. Or visit -> Internet Movie Database.

Kiss Me by Michaela von Schweinitz
To watch Michaela's short films on Vimeo click on the pictures.

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