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As a screenwriter and film editor, Michaela has supported storytellers from all walks of life. From idea to published story, writing is an adventure like no other. On such a mysterious journey full of surprises, challenges and rewards, you sometimes want a joyful companion to get you through. Someone like Donkey in Shrek.

With an M.A. in sociology, Michaela is ready to take on any author who writes about social issues. As a book coach, filmmaker and former journalist, she is driven by a need for stories about social change. She wants to support writers who imagine a better world. She is looking for stories about protagonists who fight for their place in life. If you are a confident writer who values social justice and the insights of a book coach, she wants to hear from you.


In fiction and in non-fiction she works on stories that aim for social impact. Stories that deepen our understanding of our current structures of injustice. Showing us a way out of suppression, offering solutions on an individual and on a systemic level.

In memoir she guides writers who show us how they turned their lives around. She wants to hear from women who grew out of their limiting believes in customs and the law, in religion and family. Overcoming suppressive circumstances in their upbringing or as they raise their own families.

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Michaela’s astute feedback on the query pitch package for my novel helped me to drastically revise it, resulting in a much stronger and more interesting query. She also found great agents for me to query that had not been on my radar. I wholeheartedly recommend Michaela as a book coach for authors looking to take their work to another level.
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As a certified Book Coach Michaela von Schweinitz offers writers guidance from finding the right structure for their story to finding an agent for their finished manuscript. From idea to first draft, from revision to book proposal, Michaela helps writers hone their story and bring it out into the world. 

With her curious mind and zest for story Michaela has been spinning her yarn for over twenty years. Now she offers her expertise to writers who want to move forward with their story. What are you waiting for?

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