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Whether you are writing a novel, memoir or nonfiction, a Book coach helps authors with the writing, publishing and marketing of their books. In case you wonder about the difference between memoir and nonfiction, here’s a short hand.

  • A memoir is a promise from the writer to their reader that the story they are telling is true as best as they remember it. The focus is on the writer’s journey.
  • A nonfiction or how-to book, even if the writers tells how they themselves learned something, the book focuses on the reader who will transform by reading the book.
Michaela’s astute feedback on the query pitch package for my novel helped me to drastically revise it, resulting in a much stronger and more interesting query. She also found great agents for me to query that had not been on my radar. I wholeheartedly recommend Michaela as a book coach for authors looking to take their work to another level.
Amy L Bernstein
Amy L. Bernstein
Author, The Potrero Complex and The Nighthawkers
A First Step – $499

In depth feedback of your book idea:

  • In-line feedback on your first two chapters.
  • 60 minutes 1 on 1 coaching call discussing the feedback and your next steps.

You’ll walk away with a good idea of where you are in the process and have a solid plan on how to move forward. 

Michaela von Schweinitz by David Pexton
B for Blueprint– $999

Laying the foundation for your book with a proven method.

  • Comprehensive written editorial feedback
  • Support on each of the fourteen steps of the blueprint.
  • Four Coaching calls to discuss the book project as it evolves.
Michaela screenplay coach
C for Comfort – $1499

Ongoing support and feedback over ten weeks to keep you on a deadline. 

  • You submit ten fresh pages or 3000 words every other week.
  • Extensive editorial feedback
  • In-line edits on your submissions. 
  • Four one-hour coaching calls to discuss your book and your next steps.
D for Developmental edit – $2499

This is for you when you have received lots of notes from beta readers. When you have chapter drafts that are not holding together.

  • Comprehensive editorial coverage on your manuscript (40,000 to 70,000 words).
  • high level overview on what works and what doesn’t.
  • chapter-by-chapter notes
  • 60 minutes coaching call to discuss your book and your next steps.
Michaela von Schweinitz by David Pexton
E for Manuscript evaluation – $1999

High-level analysis of your manuscript (40,000-70,000 words).  

  • Extensive editorial feedback (about ten pages).
  • evaluation of genre, story, structure  
  • 60 minutes coaching call to discuss your book and your next steps.
Michaela von Schweinitz by David Pexton
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