Book Coach

As a book coach Michaela von Schweinitz supports writers working on their book. From idea to first draft, from revision to book proposal, Michaela is well equipped to help writers hone their story and bring it out into the world. 

Do you have an idea for a story and want to know if it’s holding up? Have you journaled pages and pages and need to know what holds them together? Have you written The End at the bottom of your last page and want someone outside your writing group to evaluate your finished manuscript?

As a screenwriter and film editor, Michaela has supported storytellers from all walks of life. From idea to published story, writing is an adventure like no other. On such a mysterious journey full of surprises, challenges and rewards, you sometimes need a joyful companion to get you through. Someone like Donkey in Shrek.

Coaching Packages

Once I know more about you, your story and your writing goals, we can decide what’s the best package for you. Click to see what’s behind A, B and C and decide for yourself.



One-time call based on specified material you'll send me. We'll discuss your work and I will answer your questions about my written editorial feedback.
After the call you'll have a better idea of where you stand in the process and you'll have a clear vision on how to move your project forward.



This package gives you three sessions for the price of two: three one-hour calls based on your material.
Written editorial feedback on specified material and one one-hour call each month to discuss your work and support your progress. 



Coaching over the course of three months. Written editorial feedback on two submissions and one one-hour call per months to discuss the specified work you submit and support in your progress. This package includes deadlines in support of your writing schedule.

With her curious mind and zest for story Michaela has been spinning her yarn for over twenty years. Now she offers her expertise to writers who want to move forward with their story. What are you waiting for?