Während ihrer Filmemacherzeit in Los Angeles saß Michaela von Schweinitz auch im Vorstand der Alliance of Women Directors AWD, wo sie die Verantwortung für den monatlichen Newsletter übernahm.

Als Mitglied des Vorstands von AWD entwickelte Michaela von Schweinitz ein neues Design für den AWD-Newsletter und war Herausgeberin von zehn Ausgaben, bevor sie nach New York zog, um sich auf ihr eigenes Werk zu konzentrieren.

Alliance of Women Directors AWD
Patty Jenkins und the Vorstand von AWD

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Oktober 2017
Featuring Vicky Jenson – Animator par excellance – Director of Shrek (2001) and the upcoming animation Spellbound (2024) Vicky Jenson is a wonderful writer and director of both animation and live action.

Vicky Jenson

September 2017
Featuring Guest Wonderwoman Patty Jenkins: “With hundreds of millions of dollars of other people’s money, it’s like the director is managing a corporation. [But!] You are in the middle, not at the top.”

Patty Jenkins
Patty Jenkins

August 2017
20th Anniversary Celebration Bash. AWD works to support and promote the work, visibility, and professional development for female directors through a variety of programs including screenings, educational events, and networking events both for their members, and the general public.

Alliance of Women Directors AWD
AWD board of directors

July 2017
Melissa Goodman, Director of Gender Parity of the ACLU SoCa and Director & Senior Staff Attorney at the ACLU asked the Hollywood industry for possible solutions. One sugestion was Setting targets on every level with agencies, executives, show runners, guilds, and have them report quarterly.

Melissa Goodman at AWD Salon

June 2017
Featuring Guest Melissa Goodman, Director & Senior Staff Attorney at the ACLU. After two years of their own investigation, talking to many women directors, the ACLU came to the conclusion that there are real, systemic, common barriers to employment.

Melissa Goodman
Melissa Goodman at AWD's Jeffersonian Dinner

May 2017
My Lunch with the fabulous screen writer Janet Batchler. At a time when writers prepared to fight for their fair share I sat down for lunch with Janet Batchler, a founding member of AWD, an award winning director, and an accomplished screenplay writer.

Janet Batchler
Janet Batchler

April 2017
AWD member and all around wonderful writer Mandy Fabian – yes, Patrick Fabian who played Howard Hamlin in Better Call Saul is her husband – dropped the saop. Watch all ten episodes of Dropping the Soap with Jane Lynch as Producer Olivia Vanderstein on Amazon.

March 2017
Jennifer Warren, teaches at the USC School of Cinematic Arts by day and leads the Alliance of Women Directors by night, and on the weekends. “In this business, you have to develop a Zen-like view of life in order to not have it make you crazy,” Warren says in her interview with Andrew Faught.

Jennifer Warren
Jennifer Warren, founder and chair of AWD

February 2017
AWD Career Advancement with Hanelle Culpepper.  Acclaimed TV Director and AWD Honorary Board Member Hanelle Culpepper leads a focused workshop on how to target TV Shadowing spots that are a necessary step to directing television.

Hannele Culpepper
Shooting star Hanelle Culpepper

January 2017
NAACP Image Award Nominee and AWD Honorary Board member Millicent Shelton was nominated for Outstanding Directing in a Dramatic Series Empire – Episode: “Empire: The Lyon Who Cried Wolf (2016)”. She has been nominated ten times and has won the image award three times.

Millicent Shelton
Millicent Shelton directed episodes of Lessons in Chemistry and The Morning Show

In Deutschland war Michaela als Chefredakteurin für mehrere Publikationen tätig. Streitkultur ein Magazin für Politik und Kultur in Europa wurde vom Verein für Politische Bildung VPI Bonn e.V. herausgegeben.

golf manager
  • Freie Journalistin und PR Beraterin bei ZDF-Studio Bonn, ZDF-Studio NRW in Düsseldorf, General-Anzeiger in Bonn und DEULA Rheinland in Kempen (1996 – 1998)
  • Chefredateurin für mehrere Magazine: GAFA, RASEN/TURF/GAZON, Greenkeepers Journal und Golf Manager, Cöllen and Bleeck GbR in Bonn (1993-1995)
  • Chefredakteurin der Streitkultur - Magazin für Politik und Kultur in Europa, VPI Bonn e.V. in Bonn. (1990-1993)
  • PR Journalistin für die Filmverleiher TOBIS und Constantin-Verleih in Berlin (1988-1989)

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